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Originally Posted by Dysfunction. Originally Posted by Stretch. For some reason I do not have but one disk for the snow leopard that says install. I have my old disks for the version There are two disks and one of them tells you to hold down the d key on boot up to get to the AHT. The disk says: Lion computers may have a hard drive version, but he mentioned Snow Leopard. Originally Posted by Forrest. It is a grey disk with the apple logo on it. Realize however this disk is for the older version So can I use this disk without a problem.? Yes, you can use your Tiger disk to run the Apple Hardware Test.

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Follow member Stretch's instructions. Yes, most Mac users will experience plenty of years of trouble-free computing, but sometimes hardware problems can surface. The good news is that Apple Hardware Test can check to see if there are indeed hardware issues to look into, and you can run it yourself with just a little effort. The appearances are slightly different as are the names, but the ability to test the hardware for problems is the same regardless of how things look or what they are called. If the Apple hardware diagnostics test determines there is a problem and reports an error, you should write down the error code and any provided details or take a picture of it with your iPhone so that you can learn more about the problem.

Noting the error code will also help to relay information to an official Apple Technical Support advisor or an Apple Certified Repair center. For Macs with Apple Diagnostics, there is a list of error codes found in Apple Diagnostics here on support. If you do have a hardware problem and the Mac is in warranty, the hardware issue will be taken care of by AppleCare if you contact the official Apple Support channels.

Again, if the Mac is in warranty, let Apple or a certified repair center fix it. If the Mac is out of warranty, whether or not you want to take a stab at it or let someone else handle the repair is likely a matter of your technical knowledge and comfort level in opening hardware to manually intervene. The latter scenario is really only appropriate for out-of-warranty computers owned by advanced users with extensive technical know-how, and most Mac users should simply take problematic hardware to an Apple Store or Apple Certified Repair location. Advanced Mac users can also use sysdiagnose to further troubleshoot complex issues.

There are many specifics to troubleshooting software problems which are far beyond the scope of this particular piece focusing on discovering and diagnosing problematic Mac hardware. Let us know in the comments below!

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  • The Apple Hardware Test?

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Is there another way I can check my hardware? It seems like Mac SSD drives only last about 4 or 5 years, kind of a short life.

All the more reason to back them up frequently! Closing your Mac will write the contents of memory to disk every time Get the SmartSleep App to prevent this. Just download the right version of AHT for your machine from here https: I was having a slowly creeping problems.

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I tried to fix it myself and replace my hard drive. They replaced the hard drive. Then they replaced the CPU.

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  6. That mostly worked. When Apple geniuses run their tests, non Apple memory shows up as a null. So their system just ignores them.

    Restore Apple Hardware Test boot mode - Mac OS X Hints

    I had 2 non Apple modules installed. I finally ran this test myself on each memory module and I found that one was bad. So this bad non Apple module had fried 3 hard drives and a CPU was the problem. It could have saved me nearly a thousand dollars. They should offer you a refund for unnecessary parts — call Apple and voice your experience.

    Have given up trying now. Same as Robin above. I had this problem. Apple iMac came in and needed some work done. Switched to Apple keyboard and works fine. So keyboard or keyboard mapping issues may be involved.

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    There was a timelapse though, before booting started. Same for me. Running OS X A Mac Mini will use Apple Diagnostics. The diagnostics tools run on all modern Macs. I clarified the instructions to shut down and then boot, since some users are having trouble loading Apple Diagnostics on a reboot. Ya know, I read and re-read this article and found it left out like the most important detail: Otherwise you need to make a thumb drive. Depends on the age of the Mac.

    Paul, you should have mentioned in your article this will only work with older Macs pre, also once mountian lion has been installed on any pre it will run apple diagnostics by holding option-D. Should it have worked or is there another test for an older Mac? Tried holding down D, tried option-D.

    Both times I got some internet reinstall globe logo that after asking me to choose my WiFi Network and give my password gave me error code D. NO point in a diagnostic or test mode that does not work.

    Use the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) to Find Problems

    I ran the Apple Hardware Test disk came with my iMac on my mid iMac and the test could not find anything wrong, yet I am having what I think is a graphics card problem. Had a early Macbook Pro. Regular diagnostics did not show failed graphic card. To find out which it is for your model go here.

    It's best if you use the install discs specific to each Mac you have to guarantee AHT will work. Or you an use a Snow Leopard install disk. For this to work your Mac model will need to be older than that install disk, that's when it was introduced, not when you bought it. If it's an original Snow Leopard disk, that's older than Oct , or if it's a more recent one, older than If your Mac is old enough, you may even have success with a Leopard install disk.

    In any event, try to use the most recent disk that would work with your computer. If you're not sure if a disk will work for you, try the hint anyway, it won't harm your computer. So, insert your install disk and open Terminal. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

    How to run the Apple Hardware Test on OSX Lion

    This site is not responsible for what they say. Restore Apple Hardware Test boot mode Authored by: BiL Castine on Aug 25, '11 Had our esteemed moderator tested this hint, he would have found it doesn't work as described. Authored by: Fixed it. Thanks for the catch. Sven G on Aug 25, '11 Crazor on Aug 28, '11 SB [ Reply to This ].

    If you want to run diags on your computer that will actually do something, use apple service diagnostics ASD for your model instead [ Reply to This ]. MadMacMan on Dec 31, '11 AKazak on Feb 13, '12 Deegee on Oct 15, '12 Hi, did you ever manage to get anywhere with this? I confirm that this method still works with Sven G on Feb 13, '14 Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: What's New: